Perlitecrete Inc. designs all of its products to be the most innovative and superior building products in the international market place.  Dedicated to helping the needy, Perlitecrete Inc. is continually involved in world-wide relief efforts through Perlitecrete Building Relief Organization to bring affordable and secure housing and buildings to those who need it most.  Perlitecrete Inc. is committed to environmentally friendly and earth-saving products and manufacturing procedures.

The Perlitecrete Inc. Team


  Perlitecrete Torch Test

Perlitecrete handsaw cut. Solid in color... Beautiful !



Torch Test

 Perlitecrete Torch Test - After 10 minutes of flame from a propane torch (~1750 F), this was all that happened to this 1 1/2" thick piece of Perlitecrete. For eight minutes, the temperature on the other side of the product kept its original temperature!



Perlitecrete The Ultimate Building Material TM


 Perlitecrete... Build it for Life TM



Ultra-Lightweight Concrete

ICF insulated concrete forms, panels, roofing, insulation, columns, fireplace surrounds, shower stalls, concrete pads... and so much more.



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Licenses Available Domestic and International

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Otherwise spelled Perlightcrete, Purlitecrete, Purelightcreate, or even Purlightcrete...

Perlitecrete TM is a filed trademark and is patent protected.